The Art of Karla 

Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way. I believe in working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For more information about my experience, portfolio, or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today. Much of my growth has come from working with others.

In terms of my background, I started painting and drawing in high school, with the support of a formative teacher, Virginia Carnes at Westminster. She encouraged me to study figure drawing in New York City in the summer of 1995 which changed my perspective on the industry. Ever since, I worked to develop the skills and confidence that form a style that draws on legacy artists as well as lasting images that stay with me from my travels. Born in Atlanta, I moved to Boston after studying French and International Relations at Emory. After 5 years in Boston working at a language travel Swedish company in Cambridge, I moved to INSEAD and spent seven years between Paris and Singapore before moving back to Boston 10 years ago. 

Today, I continue to travel and expand the boundaries of my skills and perspective through art and share these creations with patrons, supporters, and friends who are able to appreciate what I do. Art is my meditation, joy, and passion. Thank you for visiting my site, supporting my efforts, and/or following me online.